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How we work

Inbusinessafrica follows are 4 step consultancy process:

1. Understanding your requirements and wishes

We meet to understand your business and your request, and access if and how InBusinessAfrica Connect can assist you. We try to hone in on your expected deliverables.

2. Proposal & contract

Based on our understanding on your requirements and expected deliverables, InbusinessAfrica Connect prepares and presents to you a proposal on how to approach the assignment with clear and realistic deliverables, milestones, timetables and budget.

When you sign off on deliverables, milestones and budget, we move to contract, based on the proposal.

3. Service delivery

With the contract signed, InBusinessAfrica Connect executes the necessary desk top and field work, and complete deliverables as per the agreed milestone plan.

4. Evaluation

We sit down to evaluate the process, the outcomes and your satisfaction, to capture lessons learned for continuous improvement.


InBusinessAfrica Connect works to the highest ethical standards, has a clear anti-bribery & corruption policy, and complies with UN, EU and US sanctions lists.